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The company „Infoknyga“ you can come in two main, from the center of successive Laisvės pr. Ukmergės str.

Companies „Infoknyga“ basic services:

  • Books and other publications layout and prepress
  • Book and other publishing services
  • Web sites Development Services
  • Visual, video, audio and other online advertising in the internet

Companies „Infoknyga“ basic core services

In this table shows the companies „Infoknyga“ basic core services in the Аnnex the 4.

„Infoknyga“ services

Core services
(watch annex)

Book layout and publishing Annex 4
Other publications layout, publishing Annex 4
Internet Web site creation Annex 4
Multilingual Web sites creating Annex 4
Web sites installation Annex 4
Database creating Annex 4
Advertising layout design Annex 4
Video advertising on the Internet Annex 4
Direct advertising by e-mail Annex 4
Web portal development Annex 4
Project design creating Annex 4

Final prices are always compatible with the customer depending on the ordered work and paslaudų volume.

Companies „Infoknyga“ contact information

For inquiries, please contact our office comfortable for you - telefomu, fax or E-mail post.

Name Information
Address Justiniškių g. 36, LT-05241 Vilnius
Telephone (+370 -5) 212 84 32
Fax (+370 -5) 212 84 32
E-mail info@infoknyga.lt
Web site www.infoknyga.lt

For more information, please see to our Web site www.infoknyga.lt and to our Web-site other pages.