About company

About company

Company „Infoknyga“ since 1995, specializing in site development and delivery of complex Internet Technology solutions, developing various projects. We create, maintain and administer web sites, and provide other Internet Technology and web design services.

We appreciate your time and consider the prevailing economic situation, and the new technologies and the unique methodology enables us offer quality solutions for the most affordable prices.

Web site development

Website - a full-fledged representative of your company, working without holidays and lunch break, a strong marketing tool helps to deliver and sell your goods and services to attract your potential customers and business partners. This is one of the important methods to ensure a good image and recognition.

Web development phases:

Technical Task.
The main modules of the website.

Technical Task

Website development begins with the formation of technical task. Discusses the future site for details: objectives, requirements, informative content, sections, subsections, pages and their structure, layouts, menus and navigation. Establishes work plan and estimate.


When the task is clear and the plan was drawn up, taking into account all the client's requirements, starting work on the design. This step is particularly important, because it depends not only on the overall view of the site but also the use of convenience.


In this final stage of developers create software modules, database, connects them with the website design and add a content management system. Site ready for use.

The main modules of the website:

Product and service catalogs.
Contact information and contact form.
D.U.K. - Frequently Asked Questions.
Promotions and special offers.
Guest book.

Any time you can order additional software modules to your site and expand its functionality. All sites are built with modules, which will occupy a good position in the search engines.