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  •  Credit/Debit Cards Banks Lithuania  Payments
    Rreferences payment methods, which you can make quick, convenient and safe payment methods - make and take the money. Payment method You can choose from a wide range of popular payment methods worldwide.

    Rreferences payment methods

    1. Instant bank transfer
    2. Visa
    3. MasterCard
    4. Maestro
    5. Neteller
    6. Moneybookers (Skrill)
    7. Envoy
    8. PaySafeCard
    9. WebMoney
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  •  Associations Web sites Lithuania  Addition*
    Associations of the Republic of Lithuania and other corporate Web sites directory to which you can add new sites.

    Associations and other companies internet websites catalog

    1. To main
    2. Add site
    3. Guestbook
    4. Feedback
    5. Add to Favorites
    6. Make it start
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  •  Time Information World  Information
    Around the world in summer or winter time sites, where you can learn quickly in summer or winter time anywhere in the world.

    For opening links in summer or winter time sites

    1. Summer time
    2. Winter time
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  •  Calendar Information World  Information
    Calendar years and months looking for references by setting the date of the month and year - the table shows the calendar date, day of the week looking for a name.


    1. Calendar
    2. Kalendorius
    3. Календарь
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  •  Weather Meteorology World  Information
    Weather Website websites enables learn meteorology forecast Lithuania, Europe, World.

    Weather Website

    1. Lithuania
    2. Europe
    3. World
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  •  Ways Transport World  Information
    Road website allows open Road ministries and association websites Lithuania, Europe and the World.

    Road website

    1. Road distances between cities in Lithuania
    2. Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Lithuania
    3. World Road Association (PIARC)
    4. International Federation of road workers (IAF)
    5. Baltic Road Association (BRA)
    6. Nordic countries Road Association (NVF)
    7. European Waterways Authority of Heads Conference (CEDR)
    8. Danish Road Directorate
    9. Estonian Road Administration
    10. Icelandic Road Administration
    11. Latvian State Roads
    12. Polish Road Administration
    13. Norwegian Road Administration
    14. Finnish Transport Agency
    15. Swedish Transport Administration
    16. Lithuanian Geographic Information Portal
    17. Distances between World Cities
    18. Countries maps

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  •  Currency Banks Lithuania  Information
    European Union Council of the euro and the euro area exchange rate.

    Litas and foreign currencies

    1. Australian dollar
    2. Bulgarian lev
    3. Belarusian ruble
    4. Canadian Dollar
    5. Swiss franc
    6. Chinese yuan renminbi
    7. Czech koruna
    8. Danish krone
    9. Estonian kroon
    10. Euro*
    11. British pound sterling
    12. Croatian kunu
    13. Hungarian forint
    14. Iceland krone
    15. Japanese yen
    16. Kazakhstan tenge
    17. Latvian lats
    18. Moldovan leu
    19. Norwegian krone
    20. Polish zloty
    21. Romanian leu
    22. Russian ruble
    23. Swedish krona
    24. Turkish lira
    25. Ukrainian hryvnia
    26. U.S. Dollar
    27. SDR International Monetary Fund**

    * – The oficial extange rate - 3,4528 litas per 1 euro, valid from 2002 February 2, approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, Žin., 2002, Nr.12-417) and the Bank of Lithuania (Official Gazette,Žin., 2002, Nr.12-453) resolutions.

    ** SDR – the International Monetary Fund's currency name, the words "Special Drawing Rights" (special drawing rights), the English abbreviation.

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  •  Catalogs Information World  Information
    Various the world information catalogs that contain information in Lithuanian, English, Russian and other languages. More than 500,000 businesses contain 33 European countries. To open a Web page links catalogs click at the bottom "Open Now" of the page.

    Various the world information catalogs

    1. Ireland Golden Pages
    2. Ireland Irish Business Directory
    3. England SCOOT
    4. England Yell
    5. Armenia SPYUR
    6. Australia Yellow Pages
    7. Austria Gelbeseiten
    8. Byelorussia Business Belarus
    9. Belgium Golden Pages
    10. Bermuda Yellowpages
    11. Brazil Brazilbiz
    12. Croatia Croatia
    13. Czech Republic Zlate Stranky
    14. Chile ChilNet
    15. Denmark DeGuleSider
    16. Denmark SolPortal
    17. Egypt EgyptYellowPages
    18. Estonia Kontakt
    19. Estonia Arikataloog
    20. Estonia AS Telemedia Eesti
    21. Estonia Infopluss Eesti
    22. Estonia AS Teabeliin
    23. Europe Euro Pages
    24. Greece Hellas Yellow Pages
    25. Hong Kong Hong Kong Yellow Pages
    26. India India Internet Yellow Pages
    27. Indonesia Indonesian Yellow Pages
    28. Iran Iran Yellow Pages
    29. Iceland Gula Linan
    30. Spain Páginas Amarillas
    31. Italy Pagine Gialle
    32. Israel Israel Yellow Pages
    33. Jamaica Jamaican Yellow Pages
    34. Japan Townpage
    35. U.S. Yellow Pages
    36. U.S. WhoWhere
    37. U.S. Smartpages
    38. U.S. WorldPages
    39. U.S. Zip 2
    40. U.S. Infospace
    41. U.S. Switchboard
    42. U.S.
    43. United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Business Directories
    44. United Arab Emirates UAE Internet Yellow Pages
    45. Canada Yellowpagesi
    46. China ChinaPages
    47. Colombia Columbia Yellow Pages
    48. Korea Korean Yellow Pages
    49. Latvia 1188 Latvija
    50. Lithuania Lietuvos imoniu katalogas
    51. Lithuania Lithuanian import-export directory
    52. Lithuania Viskas Turizmui
    53. Lithuania VisaLietuva
    54. Poland Polskie Ksiazki Telefoniczne
    55. Morocco Marocco Yellow Pages
    56. New Zealand New Zealand Yellow Pages
    57. Norway Gule Sider
    58. Norway SolPortal
    59. Netherlands De Telefoongids
    60. Netherlands Gouden Gids
    61. Pakistan Pakistan Yellow Pages
    62. Peru Peru Business Directory
    63. Portugal Paginas Amarelas
    64. France Les Pagesjaunes
    65. Romania Yellow Pages
    66. Russia ZAO Euroaddress
    67. Singapore SingTel Yellow Pages
    68. Slovakia InfoBank
    69. Slovenia Telekom Slovenien
    70. Finland Yritystele
    71. Finland Kaupunki-info
    72. Sweden GulaSidorna
    73. Switzerland Swisscom directoriesi
    74. Thailand Thailand Yellow Pages
    75. Turkey Turkey Yellow Pages
    76. Ukraine Yellow Pages
    77. Uzbekistan Golden Pages
    78. Venezuela
    79. Hungary Hungarian Yellow Pages
    80. Germany WLW
    81. Germany Teleauskunft

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  •  Mail E-mail World  E-messages
    E-mail (E-mail) is a way to create, send and receive messages via electronic communication (communication) systems. E-mail programs are of two kinds. Internet - Google, Yahoo, Delfi Inbox. Computer - Pegasus Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird. These programs can be downloaded from the web sites according to the links.

    E-mail on the Internet

    1. Google
    2. Yahoo
    3. Delfi
    4. Inbox

    E-mail on the Internet on computer

    1. Pegasus Mail
    2. Outlook Express
    3. Mozilla Thunderbird

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  •  Link E-mail World  Contacts
    To get in touch and contact with us, please fill out communications form. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

    Communications form

    1. Communications
    2. Ryšio formą
    3. Форма связи

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  •  Video Television World  TV Web sites
    Broadcast (Live - Oniline) Television and Radio broadcasting channels of RTV stations around the world. News, information - analytical and current affairs programs, feature films, documentaries and educational films; broadcast major sporting events, talk shows, children's programs and other information broadcast events.

    Broadcast Television and Radio channels

    1. Country
    2. Category

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  •  Audio Radio World  Radio stations
    Broadcast (Live - Oniline) Radio broadcasting channels of radio stations around the world. News, information - analytical and current affairs programs, broadcast major sporting events, talk shows, children's programs and other information broadcast events.

    Broadcast Radio broadcasting channels of radio stations around the world

    1. All genres
    2. All countries

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*Addition the new Web sites to the Associations and other Companies Web sites Catalog