Our values

We behave with integrity and do what we say we’re going to do
Our aim is simple - to enrich people's lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain by being the most creative organisation in the world.

But we don’t focus simply on what we do – we also care how we do it.

We have six values, or standards, which people across the BBC share. They represent the expectations we have for ourselves and each other, they guide our day-to-day decisions and the way we behave.

The BBC’s values

Trust is the foundation of the BBC; we are independent, impartial and honest

We’re truthful and fair in all our dealings. We make decisions based on our values, stick by them and take responsibility for them. We behave with integrity and do what we say we’re going to do.

Audiences are at the heart of everything we do

We put audience needs first. We recognise that audiences are not all like us and our friends, so we make sure we know how their needs are changing. And we adapt.

We take pride in delivering quality and value for money

We are demanding of ourselves. We ask for help when we need it and know where we need to up our game. We challenge waste and spend money as if it were our own. We channel our energy into making things better and change or stop things that aren’t working.

Creativity is the lifeblood of our organisation

We’re brave. We innovate and demonstrate creative ambition, trying new things and embracing new technology. We seek out different perspectives, others’ ideas and opinions. We seize opportunities to train ourselves, develop our careers and try new roles.

We respect each other and celebrate our diversity

We respect all our colleagues, whoever they are. We’re honest, direct and always courteous. We challenge others’ ideas but we respect decisions once made. We are ambassadors for our organisation; we speak out if something is not right and deal with it within the BBC.

We are one BBC; great things happen when we work together

We work across all our teams to create more for audiences, sharing ideas and involving others to improve them. We make connections inside and outside the BBC and learn from the wider industry.