BBC Television is looking for partners for its career development scheme

BBC Television is looking for partners for its Inside Out career development scheme which looks to offer short work experience placements on a reciprocal basis with a range of external organisations.

Inside Out is a unique opportunity to spend time in another organisation and for staff to discover new insights and ways of working, learn new skills and share the learnings.

Through placements between two to four weeks in length, the scheme offers BBC Television staff the opportunity to develop their skills and experience in a different environment whilst offering the same opportunity to staff from the host organisation in return.

  • Learn new skills
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Broaden personal experience

What we’re looking for

We would like to partner with organisations which can offer up short placements that cover all or some of the following: entrepreneurial, commercial, digital, creative thinking and leadership skills. Any organisation can apply to participate and we welcome applications from a wide variety of organisations.

We are looking to provide up to 25 placement opportunities over the next 12 months.

How can your organisation participate?

It’s straightforward, just complete the short online questionnaire here.

Further questions to


Which organisations can apply?

Any organisation can apply to participate in the scheme by completing a host organisation questionnaire. The completed questionnaires will be reviewed and scored based on benefits criteria (eg. areas of expertise and standard employer practices).

Who will pay for staff on the placements?

The BBC will continue to pay BBC Television staff throughout the period of the placements. For reciprocal placements in BBC Television, we expect the host organisation to continue paying their member of staff for the period of the placement.

How long are the placements?

2-4 weeks

Can reciprocal placements be taken anywhere in the BBC?

The placements within the BBC will only be available within the Television division. There will be placements available in, TV Operations, Marketing & Audiences and TV production (excluding News).