Corporate Services

HR prides itself on being central to the BBC's creative success
We're proud of being a world-class broadcasting organisation.


Recruit, retain and develop exceptional talent

Our HR teams are adaptable, creative and passionate about making sure the BBC is a great place to work. Working in HR at the BBC is challenging, demanding and highly rewarding. We provide administrative assistance, strategic advice, and innovation around everything relating to people. From Television and Radio to Journalism and Worldwide, our expertise is in demand across the BBC. You could work in a dynamic environment in a team that prides itself on being central to the success of the BBC’s mission to be the most creative organisation in the world.

HR roles range from HR Generalists to Organisational Design specialists through to Internal Communications Managers and as far reaching as Executive Editors for one of the colleges within the Academy. We have teams across the UK in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Newcastle and Bristol.

Training and development

Ours is a fast-moving industry

The Academy provides face to face courses and online training programmes in television, radio, journalism, new media, health and safety and broadcast technology skills for our own staff and for the wider media industry.

It’s made up of the Colleges of JournalismProduction, Leadership and Technology. Much of its online learning is available external to the BBC (free in the UK, by paid subscription overseas).

We employ trainers, coordinators, online producers and industry experts to help deliver world-class training and development.

Visit the BBC Academy commercial site to book and pay for training courses.


Forging closer relationships with licence payers

Our Internal Communications team lead and produce announcements to all staff across the BBC, provide strategic advice to the Director-General and the Executive and produce the BBC's online newspaper Ariel.

The Public Affairs and Communications team are responsible for managing, promoting and protecting the BBC’s corporate reputation externally.

The Press & Media Relations team are at the heart of the Communications operation. The Corporate Communications team also manages the BBC’s relationship with politicians and opinion formers.

Our Digital Communications team supports and advises the business and the department on social media and digital engagement.

Typical roles that are recruited range from Communications Managers to Publicists and Press Officers. We are based all over the UK.


Working with one of the world’s best loved brands to bring us closer to our audiences

 A job with us in Marketing means you’ll be working with one of the world’s most famous brands. Recognised in every corner of the globe, the BBC means a lot to people and that helps us create a strong relationship with our audiences.

Brand Teams support each division including Television, Radio, Journalism, Future Media, BBC North and each nation and region. Operating in close partnership with the editorial leaders of the output divisions you’ll bring a combination of professional marketing and brand leadership, audience insight and communications expertise.

Finance and business

Delivering value for money

We manage the collection and spending of the revenue from the licence fee and administer financial planning and strategy at the BBC. You could be providing financial advice and support to TV and radio productions, as well as empowering creativity across the whole of the BBC. We are led by the Chief Financial Officer and are based around the UK with hubs in London and Cardiff. Our roles range from a Finance Business Partner to a Production Accountant.

If you’re looking to gain a Business degree and earn money at the same time, apply for our Business Management Higher Apprenticeship.


Expert advice across the organisation

Our teams provide legal assistance and advice across the BBC. They understand the risks and challenges we face and work to make sure we operate in a responsible way. Our legal teams work across all of the brands and divisions we have as well as the core corporate requirements. Legal is led by the Group General Counsel and comprises Legal, Business Assurance and Risk. Typical roles range from fully qualified lawyers to data protection advisors across the UK.

Audience research

We get feedback from 5,000 people a day 

‘Audiences are at the heart of everything we do’ is one of the BBC’s core values. The BBC Audiences Team brings that to life by providing the people making our content with an in-depth understanding of our diverse audiences and their behaviours. You could be delivering those audience insights that feed into decisions made across the organisation.

Typical roles recruited within Marketing range from Brand and Creative Marketing Managers and Executives to Research Executives and Audience Planners.

You can apply for our BBC-wide Extend Scheme which offers appropriately experienced and/or qualified disabled people a great opportunity to gain six months paid work within the BBC.

Project Management

Our far-reaching strategic review requires change across the organisation

Our project professionals have a mix of skills and work across all areas of the organisation. We encourage our project community to work together, learn lessons and share experiences, and we are focused on developing talent. We run a broad range of projects from upgrading technology systems to transforming the way we work.

We have embarked on a far-reaching strategic review that will require change across the organisation. This review focuses on how we can best deliver the highest quality content and services to audiences. For this to be successful, we will need people capable of managing projects and delivering change.

Find out more about our project roles with these brief job descriptions.