Broadcast Technology

You'll be supporting one of the world’s largest broadcast technology infrastructures
Keep the BBC on air 365 days of the year.

Making sure that the BBC not only stays on air but at the cutting edge of the broadcasting industry falls to us in the Technology division.

Working with us means you’ll be supporting one of the world’s largest broadcast technology infrastructures, helping to put nearly half a million hours of output on air every year. And if you’re someone who loves learning new ways to meet a wide variety of challenges, you’ll fit right in.

We are a family of Engineers, Project Managers, Developers, Contract Managers, Information Architects, Media Managers and many other disciplines. We do an extraordinary range of jobs and we’re always looking for talented new people to join us.

You can put the support in place that helps everyone at the BBC to do their jobs. Manage the contracts with our technology and transmission suppliers. And work closely with everyone in the BBC to anticipate future trends, foster innovative programme making, and get the best value from the technologies we invest in.

Find out more about some of our opportunities in Broadcast Technology below.

Broadcast technology departments